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Smart HR Kiosks

Key Features

SmartHR is a total solution for HR department Self-Service kiosk based automation. It includes completely customizable kiosk machines and software modules.

  • Comprehensive HR Kiosk solution for HR departments
  • Self service workflow for all related HR tasks
  • Customizable Kiosk with different HW components to meet business needs
  • Touch Screen with different sizes
  • Elegant Design
  • Thermal Printer
  • A4 Printer
  • Scanner
  • Authentication by Passport / ID card / Fingerprint
  • Security Cam , Sensors.
  • Increase Employee performance and ROI
  • Eliminate manual work and delays
  • 24/7 HR operations
  • Reporting Module
  • Multi language and themes

Key Benefits
  • Easy access to HR service at any time
  • Reduce HR operational cost and increase ROI
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • A must for Organizations with large workforce

Hardware Components

Listed below are some of the supported components :

Touch Screen
  • SAW Touch Screen(Resistive is also available)
  • Single or Multi touch
  • Privacy filter
A4 Printer
  • Color or monochrome
  • Multiple trays
  • Suitable for printing letters or certificates
A4 Scanner
  • Flatbed or travel type
  • Color
  • Suitable for scanning documents
ID Card Reader
  • Supports multiple card types
  • National ID reader
Card Reader
  • Reads magnetic stripes
  • Reads smart cards
  • EMV Level 1
  • Locks the card during the operation
Finger print Reader
  • Enroll or verify finger prints
Note Acceptor
  • Intelligent
  • Stackable automated note box
  • Kiosk can tell content of note box at any time.
  • Gives alert once stacker is 80% full.
  • Cash out management (local and centrally)
Coin Acceptor
  • Coin box that can hold more than 500 coins,secure and lockable
Receipt Printer
  • Presenter type.
  • Registration marks.
  • Built in cutter.
  • Different widths.
Secondary Display
  • Perfect for advertisement.
  • Can be noticed from far distances when installed in public areas.
Envelope Box
  • Can be used in case of cheque drop or customer feedback or application submission.
  • Lockable box.
Other Components
  • UPS for smooth operation.
  • Hardware and software watchdog for high availability and monitoring.

Software Modules

Smart HR kiosk software has the following modules and features :

Touch Screen
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Certificate printing and issuing module
  • Dynamic centralized certificate configuration module
  • Option for defining certificates,design certificate using HTML,define certificate dynamic data etc
  • Secure browser for third party web contents
  • User authentication using employee access cards ,active directory or custom security
  • Integration module with HR and other systems
  • Web based hardware status monitoring ,configuration and administration module
  • Statistical reports on system usage and availability
  • Software components for custom application development
  • Software watchdog for monitoring the hardware-software components
  • User management with users and privileges
  • Advertisement content display module for secondary display
Other Features :
  • Readily available system core capable for complete customization as per the needs
  • Centralized solution architecture and web based applications
  • Developed using Microsoft dot net technology and SQL server database
  • Secure integration with third party systems using web services ,database level,APIs etc
  • Capable for accomodating future enhancements